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Historic Mortar Analysis

AMR Labs is an independent testing lab for mortar analysis and testing of historic mortars and custom mortar color matching. Our analysis of the mortar mix or cement identifies the color and graded size particles of the sand, proportions of mortar mix ratio, and the ratio of mix to sand. These mortar specifications are used in matching mortar. Mortar matching analyzes and matches the pigment if needed to finish matching mortar color after the type of mortar is determined through mortar analysis. From the mortar analysis report and the color matching, we can produce bags of mortar for repointing that match the original mortar type, color, and sand.
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Mortar Analysis
Analysis of mortar for pointing historic masonry provides many useful details about the old mortar composition and mortar mix ratio. Testing of mortar samples allows us to analyze the original mortar mix and determine mortar type and the color and graded particles of the sand., and make reliable recommendations of mortar mix ratio or formula for matching old historic mortar.
Matching mortar has never been this easy. Collect a sample of mortar and send it to us. We analyze the mortar, determine the mortar type, and match the mortar color, sand grade, and provide a formula for matching mortar color, type, and sand.
We have a variety of mortar repair products designed to make it easy to repair mortar cracks and deterioration. These masonry repair products include books and videos to learn how to repair mortar, how to mix mortar for brick, and how to repoint mortar joints in brick walls. We also offer bags of custom matched mortar for repointing brick.
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Mortar Analysis
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